Enhancing the Attraction, Development and Retention of Women

A diverse team is a winning team.  Diversity can be a complex topic – but one aspect of it is simple – the world’s population of men and women is nearly equal, yet here at Terex, as in other manufacturing companies, women are significantly under-represented. Insufficient diversity deprives Terex of the ideas and perspectives that women bring to business operations and decision-making.

That’s where Women@Terex comes in – it is an action-oriented, company-wide initiative aimed at building a more inclusive workplace that offers the professional support needed for female team members to thrive.  By doing so, Terex will attract, develop and retain more women – and as an added bonus, we will gain a competitive advantage and create a better place to work for all team members.

To ensure we make progress, we initiated Women@Terex 5-year representation goals in 2014 in three specific areas – women in leadership roles, women in line roles (such as operations, engineering and sales) and women overall.   While we have made progress in the past five years, we know we can improve further.   Therefore, we have reinstated our goals for another five years.

And, our active Women@Terex Steering Committee has instituted a variety of programs to support the attraction, development and retention of women throughout our global organization.   These include mentoring, LeanIn Circles, twice yearly webinars and a site ambassador program.

Women@Terex Activities - International Women's Day

Westport, CT: 'Take Charge of Your Career'

Brazil: Educational Breakfast

Northern Ireland: Internal & External Speakers

Oklahoma City, OK: Women's Lunch

Germany: Mentoring Breakfast

Australia: Women's Progress