We take pride in hiring our military heroes! Do you have a military job code? Use it below to see what jobs at Terex are the best fit for you.


We recognize the tremendous sacrifices military members, veterans, and their families make for our country. We also recognize how difficult it can be to transition back into civilian life after a career in the armed forces. That’s why we strive to provide our Veterans a welcoming environment where they can utilize their invaluable skills and build a career with us. Our Vets are some of the most dedicated, driven, goal-oriented team members we have. We value their leadership skills and ability to handle adversity and are proud to employ many of our nation’s heroes.

What Our Veterans Say:

“My experience at Terex has been one of opportunity. The company is constantly changing and looking for people to tackle the next big thing. The military’s training to take on uncertainty and create order is a wonderful skill to have learned and to apply at Terex. ”
Senior Director, Commercial Operations

“STRONG! Just like our products, we as veteran team members are strong. As a combat medic and LPN I gained strength physically and mentally to meet the challenges – past, present and future. I learned to use every resource available to take care of my patients, and I use those same skills to meet the needs of my customers. Terex provides challenges to grow, not just as a company, but also as an individual. I am Army strong and Terex strong.”
Design Engineering Specialist III

“I joined the Army to be a mechanic, and obtain a trade I could easily carry over into a lifelong career. I repaired and serviced a large variety of equipment and vehicles, which gave me the ability to be well versed on different types of repair. As I progressed through the ranks with promotions, came more responsibilities and duties of supervision. This helped my own civilian career path to be a great leader and mentor, and keep a strong understanding of the mechanical field. The best part of Terex has been the acceptance of acknowledging my military background and responsibilities, as well as the growth potential within the company as it is constantly adapting to the workforce. This company feels like a forever home to me.”
Branch Manager

“The Military is a very diverse place with people from all over the country and parts of the world. Terex is a multinational corporation and this experience has been invaluable. It has helped me to better communicate and understand different people and parts of the business. ”
Health, Safety & Environment Manager